Etsy Store: MySecretHeartJewelry



MY SECRET HEART JEWELRY is a line of fine quality, hand crafted artisan jewelry created with luscious precious metals and quality gemstones. Finally, a unique and beautiful jewelry collection that  makes a quiet statement of your D/s or BDSM lifestyle.

A submissive will be reminded of their Dominant’s loving care as they wear the Dom’s/Domme’s collar or cuff during the day, and they will look and feel stunning when wearing it in submission.

Most of the collars and cuffs are designed to be worn with or without a lock. For discreet day wear, use the hand crafted clasps or snap closures. The clasp/closure can be removed and the jewelry can be locked using small padlocks, transforming it from a basic jewelry design into unique and beautiful submissive jewelry for gentle bedroom play.


ADD ACCESSORIES ~ start with a basic collar or cuffs and add companion pieces and accessories to build a private collection. Pendants, gemstone chains, charms, personalized tags and more will help build and add personal expression to your collection.

CUSTOM ORDERS ~ you are encouraged to design your own jewelry for your Submissive or Dominant by choosing your mix of  metals, leather, gemstones or personalized accessory.

Contact MY SECRET HEART JEWELRY by email about a design you would like to create. mysecretheartsubmissivejewelry@gmail.com




Please use extreme caution anytime you’re wearing locked jewelry, especially a locked collar. Items locked around the neck that cannot be easily moved can be dangerous and may cause serious injury, loss of limb, even death. Always insure the key is within reach at all times when the jewelry is locked, and never, ever wear the jewelry locked while alone.

All MY SECRET HEART JEWELRY is intended to be worn solely as jewelry/bedroom jewelry and should not be used in serious bondage scenes.

Safe, Sane and Consensual




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